AIC 2009 in LA: Vendors

PACIN = Packing, Art Handling & Crating Information Network

Photo 37  A professional interest committee of the American Association of Museums.  They will be holding what seems to be the first ever PREPARATOR’S CONFERENCE Aug 14-15, 2009 at the Sterling and Francine Clark Museum of Art in Williamstown, Mass.

I chatted at this booth with Ashley McGrew, who handles, moves, and installs objects at the Getty, and he told me there’s scarcely a decent book on the subject either, and yet how important is this field in terms of consequences?  PACIN has a couple of publications, $15 each: “Technical Drawing Handbook of Packing and Crating Methods” and “Soft Packing Methods and Methodology for Packing and Transportation of Art and Artifacts”   There is a more expensive book coming out that will be a Museum Materials Sample Set with good-sized samples for getting your hands on them and feeling their properties.  Availability of that volume will coincide with the next AAM and coincide with a session on materials.  This book will the be first of several sets, with later ones including things like foam.  These will definitely be considerably more than $15.  Ashley really likes HDPE (high density polyethylene) as a packing material.  Clear Getty janitorial trashbags were apparently Oddy tested with good results, as manufacturers don’t tend to use plasticizers and slip agents in the manufacture of HDPE?  Nice schwag of carpenter’s pencils and stencil-rulers.


P5200007 Aprons, chenille weights with plastic pellets, leather weights with lead shot, ear buds, tape measures, water bottles, lab coats…I wonder if they will sell out their inventory of the handmade stuff…









P5200008  How about this?

Intercept Display Case Filtration System

Made by Xtend Packaging Inc and using corrosion intercept (polymer plastic impregnated with copper) technology it has a fan run by two D batteries to scrub the air and actively remove pollutants.  Filter has both corrosion intercept for inorganic pollutants as well as activated charcoal for inorganics.  Hollinger Metal Edge sells the units for $69.95 each and a pack of 3 filters for $23.55  They recommend changing the filter when you change the battery, about once every 3 months.  Really marketing this towards use in exhibit cases.

Currently, they have a product in research/development that will involve this RIBS media (reactive intercept barrier system) on top of a layer of activated charcoal attached to paper, which would allow scavenging of both organics and inorganics.  This paper could then be used to line storage boxes.  This has been in development for the past three years and they are hoping to bring it to market within the next year.  Such a box could offer 10 year protection.  They would also make sleeves, envelopes and other enclosures.  Soon they will also come out with garment bags.  

P5200009   Hmmmm….this could be handy.  








P5200011  Set of acrylic mount-making tools available from University Products








P5200012  Loved this display of little packets of good stuff from Talas








P5200013  Check out this cute little visor light that Talas sells!








P5200015 Coveted by anyone crafty who sees one in my lab.  Especially wonderful for removal of tape from places it does not belong.  But other odd uses too, like opening those maddening little plastic triangle photo mounting corners.  I bought one today, my only purchase of the day, for $19.25 and I will gift it to our exhibit designer at the Alaska State Museum…this will save mine from being stolen and also win me some brownie points with the exhibits department…clever clever Ellen.


2 Responses to AIC 2009 in LA: Vendors

  1. Ozge says:

    Thank you Ellen for publishing us at your blog 🙂 It was nice to meet with you.


  2. […] as: ‘AIC 2009 in LA: As If You Were Here’, about some of the side attraction such as ‘Vendors’ who don’t appear to have had much left to vend after Ellen’s raid on all their stalls! […]

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