AIC in LA 2009: Some Awards

Rutherford John Gettens Merit Awards:

1. Maria Grandinette, for her service with the AIC taskforce on collections care, setting the standards for collections care specialists and conservation technicians that are now part of the AIC core documents.  Also instrumental in the establishment of the LCCDG as a national forum for library and archive conservation and taking this beyond AIC.  

2. Nancy Schrock, for her service as the AIC/ FAIC treasurer at a time when the financial management desperately needed to be modernized.  She helped hire and train the organization’s first financial director.  Founder and chair of the AIC taskforce for records and helping establish records management practices for private conservators.

3. Paul Whitmore, the director of the Art Conservation Research Center at the Carnegie Mellon University, and in his 20th year editing the AIC Journal, requiring some 20 hours a month at least.  Tremendous advocate for conservation (ie his position paper to the National Science Foundation.)  I don’t know him but he gave quite a good little speech.  Came off as ridiculously humble and likable.  “…this is very nice.  Very wierd, but very nice…”  and    “…to the people who nominated me: I WILL hunt you down…to thank you.”

AIC Distinguished Award for Advancement of the Field of Conservation: The Getty Conservation Institute.  Accepted by Tim Whalen.  Only 7 other institutions have received this award since it was created in 1996.  Recognized for its vital and long standing support of professional development, including the directors’ retreats for conservation education and the AATA online.

Congrats to these wonderful folks!


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