AIC 2009 in LA: As If You Were Here


 Hyatt Century Plaza on the Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles.  Rumor at the conference (From President Martin Burke, actually) is that this building, built in 1966 and recently renovated, is among America’s top eleven most endangered places.  Really??







P5200001  Here you are at the registration desk, two floors below the main lobby.  Strangely, cell phones still work down here.







P5200003 Can you appreciate how cavernously huge this ballroom is?  It even has a sunken terrace area in the center, rather like a 1970’s conversation pit but without the shag rug.








Okay, so this is something you won’t miss…all this fabulous food for a bargain price of $25 !!  Seriously, my lunch contained a small container of potato salad, a bag of chips, a roast beef and brie sandwich, a packet of mayo, a packet of mustard, an apple and a cookie.  Twenty Five smackaroos!  No beverage, just a pitcher of water on the table.  Wow.    





P5200005  The most spacious vendor hall I have ever seen, with plenty of room for everyone, and coffee breaks stationed at each end.   So cavernous that those folks bent on bottlenecking the whole thing by standing in chattery groups are utterly thwarted.






P5200004 In the antechamber just behind the vendors was the poster hall…









And here you go, Richard McCoy…another good reason we need to keep the poster session.  Hands-on!  Can’t recapture that in a blog, I’m afraid.







P5200018 Typical room at the conference hotel.  Unfortunately, internet is not free(it costs about $10 a day, but you’re worth it) and there is no coffee maker in the room.  You can order a pot from room service for $9.00 or go to the Starbucks in the lobby.  The room does have a nice little balcony with chairs on it, though.  And the clock radio has a dock for the iPod I did not bring.  Lots of marble in the bathroom.





Photo 39


And here’s me, blogging away in the lobby…


3 Responses to AIC 2009 in LA: As If You Were Here

  1. roundthing says:

    I’m loving your blog of AIC. I’m watching it, and the twitter and have at least a sense of what’s going on even from way far away. And wishing I could be there with you all. It’s making me realize the immersion thing is a big part of the conference experience – it gives you time to focus on conservation (and nothing else), so that you have time to hear new ideas (not just persue something you know you already need to know). I’ll go post that again over on Richard’s blog. Jessie

  2. Corey Smith says:

    Great photos! You should also check out the Westside room on the Palisades level. I did the respirator fit testing in there and was told it is the old theater where Sonny and Cher used to preform (you might want to fact check this with the concierge). The outside doors to their former night club, now turned conference room, are in the sunken courtyard in front of the hotel and are fabulous. Now I am off to keep reading your blog to find your insider information from the tips session.
    Great talking to you tonight!

  3. […] Tips Session’. Ellen’s other posts were more generally about the conference such as: ‘AIC 2009 in LA: As If You Were Here’, about some of the side attraction such as ‘Vendors’ who don’t appear to have had […]

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