AIC 2009 in LA: My Villa Lab Tour

I say “my” because I got my own private tour from UCLA/Getty student Lauren Horelick on Friday.  Lauren will be doing an internship with me from September to December at the Alaska State Museum.  I’m actually hoping she will come early, in August, and participate in WAAC.  Maybe even give a paper, if we’re lucky.  The students are still finishing up their coursework, so I felt really honored that Lauren would take the time to tour me around (and chauffer me to the Fowler as well!)  



Students have several different areas to do reading and writing, and several more to do treatment / experimental work.  The library at the Getty Villa is not a full-fledged exhaustive conservation library, but students are able to request books from the Getty Center and there is one delivery of books per day.  The recent job cuts included their beloved reference librarian.  It didn’t seem like students often went to Getty Center to do research.  Occasionally they went to UCLA to use certain analytical equipment like the XRD.  















For those designing labs, the issue of whether one nozzle can be turned on at a time is an important factor.
















I LOVED this crazy little cord that ran around the entire perimeter of the lab.  At first I thought that it was some goofy retrofit, and I am so glad I asked.  I meant to make a snarky joke about design oversights, but it turns out to be a water sensor.  I’m smitten, this would be so fantastic at my institution.  

















Like many of the other training programs, they are required to do a traditional wall painting.  But they are also required to do treatments on them like paint consolidation and grout injection.  Pretty cool.  















Can anyone tell me why the sink handles are waaaay down here?


















This cool little RH chamber was very appealing, but is that because it has such pleasing design?  Note the traditional style salt shaker that seems to complement the little chamber in its cuteness…
















Lauren’s mock-up pacquets congo for the real ones that she is studying




















Have you seen these slide holders before?  They remind me of the wine list at a nice restaurant.  Lauren says they are nice for slides that you have not mounted in a permanent medium.












Margarita Hill!  Christened as such by the first graduating glass from the program, the tradition is apparently being continued.  Reminded me of the times in grad school at the NYU program where we would sit in Central Park, staring back at 78th street, sipping coffee and panicking about how much work we had to do…

















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