2007 Basketry Internship (Publications)

Archaeological Objects Conservation Lecture (Projects and Ideas)

Adhesives Inventory July 2010 (Reference)

AIC 2009 in LA: As If You Were Here (Conferences)

AIC 2009 in LA: Issues and Grist (Conferences)

AIC 2009 in LA: More Sessions (Conferences)

AIC 2009 in LA: Museum Visits (Conferences)

AIC 2009 in LA: My Villa Lab Tour (Conferences)

AIC 2009 in LA: OSG Talks May 20th (Conferences)

AIC 2009 in LA:  OSG Tips Session (Conferences)

AIC 2009 in LA:  Posters (Conferences)

AIC 2009 in LA: What 2.0 Mary’s Using (Conferences)

AIC 2011 in Philadelphia: Archaeology! (Conferences)

AIC 2011 in Philadelphia: General Sessions (Conferences)

AIC 2011 in Philadelphia: Mütter Museum Visit (Conferences)

AIC 2011 in Philadelphia: Objects, Textiles and Wood (Conferences)

AIC Elitism and Blogs: Where is the Love? (Projects and Ideas)

Aleut or Alutiiq “Child’s” Boots (Projects and Ideas)

Anatomy of an Archives Flood (Projects & Ideas)

Artifact Storage: Bag, Pad, Interleave Solutions (Projects & Ideas)

Artifact Storage: Box Solutions (Projects & Ideas)

Artifact Storage: Pallet Solutions (Projects & Ideas)

Artifact Storage: Tray Solutions (Projects & Ideas)

Artifact Storage: Tips and Tricks (Projects & Ideas)

Arsenic Testing Step-by-Step (Reference)

Brief Alaskan Drum Survey (Reference)

Buffered Tissue (Opinions)

CM Times Vintage Newsletters (Reference)

Catharine Hawks on Arsenic Testing (Reference)

Chemical Inventory (Reference)

Chinese Chests on the Northwest Coast (Reference)

Cleaning Native Leather in Use? (Projects and Ideas)

Collections Labeling: Alternate Adhesive Testing (Reference)

Collections Labeling: Material by Material (Reference)

Collections Labeling: Simple Kit (Reference)

Conservation and Exhibit of an Archaeological Fish Trap (Publications)

The Conservation Interview (Opinions)

Cost of Museum Supplies (Reference)

Dating Conservation Supplies (Reference)

Does Low-Temperature Pest Management Cause Damage? (Publications)

Dust in Museum Exhibits (Publication)

Dye-ing at the Museum (Projects and Ideas)

Ellen’s Path into Conservation (Ellen’s World)

Fire Suppression Systems (Reference)

Glass Photo “Mammoth” Plates? (Projects and Ideas)

Goodbye Old Lab! (Ellen’s World)

High Molecular Weight PEG for Basketry (PEG)

How to Take Down A Totem Pole (Projects and Ideas)

How to Mount a Totem Pole (Projects and Ideas)

Humidification Systems Summary (Reference)

ID of Alaskan Furs, Intro (Projects & Ideas)

Images of the Lab (Ellen’s World)

Joseph Cocking’s Path Into Conservation (Opinions)

The Influence of Early Ethnographic Conservation in Alaska (Publications)

Integrated Pest Management Made Easy (Publications)

Light Fading from UV (Reference)

Maritime Heritage Awareness Workshop (Conferences)

Museum Made of Paper 1978 (Ellen’s World)

Museum Object Handling (Reference)

Mystery 36-Star Flag (Projects & Ideas)

New Frontiers for the Conservation Lab (Publications)

Opinion on Certification (Opinions)

Owens’ Rhubarb Fiber Experiments (Projects & Ideas)

PEG Bibliography Annotated (Reference)

PEG Shipwrecks (Reference)

PEG Summary: Alaska State Museum (Reference)

Polishing Liturgical Brass (Projects and Ideas)

Pondering the Cleaning of Ethnographic Gutskin

Shipwreck Doll (Projects and Ideas)

SLAM Projects 2015: Alutiiq/Sugpiaq (Projects and Ideas)

SLAM Projects 2015: Foreign Voyagers (Projects and Ideas)

SLAM Projects 2015: Maritime (Projects and Ideas)

SLAM Projects 2015: Resilience (Projects and Ideas)

SLAM Projects 2015: Russian American (Projects and Ideas)

SLAM Projects 2015: WWII (Projects and Ideas)

Spruce Root Weavers and Basketry Repair at the Museum (Projects and Ideas)

Summary of Potential Artifact Damage from Low Temperature Pest Control (Publications)

Supervising Interns and Volunteers (Opinions)

Temp and RH Review for Museums 2010 (References)

Thin Brittle Furskins? (Projects & Ideas)

Top 10 Projects: January 2009 (Projects & Ideas)

Top 10 Projects: January 2011 (Projects and Ideas)

Top 10 Projects: March 2012 (Projects and Ideas)

Top 10 Projects: March 2013 (Projects and Ideas)

Totem Pole Maintenance (Projects & Ideas)

WAAC 2009 in Juneau: Pre-Blog (conferences)

WAAC 2009 in Juneau: Angels in Overdrive (conferences)

WAAC 2009 in Juneau: Angels Earn Wings (conferences)

WAAC 2009 in Juneau: Aug 20 Sessions (conferences)

WAAC 2009 in Juneau: Aug 21 Sessions (conferences)

WAAC 2009 in Juneau: Extracurriculars (conferences)

Waterlogged Wood Deterioration (Reference)

What Do We Know About PEG? (Reference)

Why Juneau? (Ellen’s World)

WOAM 2010 in Greenville: Extracurriculars

WOAM 2010 in Greenville May 25

WOAM 2010 in Greenville May 26

WOAM 2010 in Greenville May 27

WOAM 2010 in Greenville May 28

Wolverine Fur (Projects & Ideas)

XRF: Why Should We Get One? (Projects and Ideas)


5 Responses to Index

  1. mpb says:

    Using Firefox with the extension (add-on) copy as html is what I use. For example, IPM Made Easy

    The other useful bit is to manipulate your feeds to gain a title and link. I’ve also used a blog editor like Zoundry.

    Another trick is to use the sidebar for organizing the big items into groups. See what you think here, Grassroots Science– for the Unorganized Borough or here, Biocultural Science & Management– careful thought, etc.

    Lorelle VanFossen is terrific for ideas, Lorelle on WordPress

  2. ellencarrlee says:

    Hi! Wow, how did you find me? Bethel! Amazing. I just wanted a list of everything that is on my blog, since I am using it more like I would my desktop to store stuff, and I wanted visitors to be able to see what all the contents were all at once. WordPress doesn’t seem set up to do it, and I am much more inclined to spend my time adding more content than fiddling with technology. And yet…
    I think I understand the “using the sidebar” thing, but what an extension in Firefox is I don’t know and I don’t understand what it means to “manipulate my feeds.” At this point, I don’t know that the index is the right place to spend my time since I have no idea how to reach my audience and I suspect I am starting to have enough content to be interesting to them…what a remarkable tool this is! Thanks for reaching out…it looks like you are a precious resource!

  3. mpb says:

    Try Lorelle’s book on blogging. She also writes well, especially for beginners. I take it you don’t use Firefox as a browser. When you really need to do more than write your posts, I think FF would help a lot to organize the blog, but not until you are ready.

    Yes, you mentioned Bethel. Plus, I’ve done museum studies (chemistry as well as inventorying, processing, how to use, ethics, etc.) Nice to have you writing.

    [Your blog in WordPress feeds out categories, search terms, etc. that can be used to gather your posts back for organizing. But see Lorelle’s book first.]


  4. dancull says:

    Hi ellen, you could include the url’s from this list. I like the idea of an index of posts, but, I think pretty soon it will become really very long and unusable.

    So, instead of playing around with FF, I’d go with something more simple like using tags… as these are more searchable, and would make it more like a blog… you could then include a tag cloud, or tag list (whatever this theme allows) in the sidebar, which would be searchable in the same way as the categories.

    It wouldn’t take too long to go through all the old posts and include a new set of tags. Also, you could try this without getting rid of the index and see how it goes – no harm, no foul.

    By the way your blog is looking great… congrats, I hope you’re enjoying doing it.

    All the best, Dan.

  5. ellencarrlee says:

    OK, Dan, you made this suggestion almost three months ago, and then I finally had a DOH moment when I realized what you meant and that I could actually do it and now three months later I’ve finally done it!

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