Good Bye Old Lab!

The new Alaska State Museum is under construction and the move out of the old building is well underway.  I was the first staff person to move out into  temporary quarters off site this summer.  Kind of sad, as the lab has been there since 1976.  Past conservators have included Mary Pat Wyatt, Alice Hoveman, Helen Alten, Brooke Bowman and Scott Carrlee.  Just in the past few years some of my colleagues have done projects with me there as grad students, including Molly Gleeson, Sam Springer, Lauren Horelick, and Crista Pack.  I am now in temporary quarters in a different building, sorely missing the four sinks I had and my trusty 1940s vintage fume hood!  For your amusement, here’s a gallery of images.  If you hover over the image, you can see a caption of sorts.  Note the vintage 1985 image I found in an old newsletter.  Full disclosure: the terrific old remote control was the one thing not in my lab, but in residence in the room where my new office is located among some Alaska State Library staff…


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